Bylaws & Policies

Saint John Track & Field Cub Inc. / Club d’Athlétisme Saint John Inc.
Founded 1970's / Incorporated 2014

Current contact list of the Club Board of Directors

Founding Documents of the Club and Non Profit Corporation

Club General Meeting & Board Meeting Minutes (Approved March 20th, 2014)

Board and Club meetings typically occur at the following times each year

Month Meeting of…
January Board of Directors
Parent Orientation Meeting
March Board of Directors / Coaches Meeting
April Board of Director Meeting
May Board & Coaches Meeting
Parent Orientation Meeting
June Annual General Meeting
September Board of Directors / Coaches Meeting
November Board of Directors/Club Awards/Recognition
December Board of Directors

Club Program Information for
Members / Board / Coach / Volunteer & Staff Orientation Information


Updated April 2022

Club Policies

(As Approved by the SJTC Board of Directors)