SJTC Provides Training Support for High Schools & Middle Schools

Saint John Track Club

Open High School & Middle School Track Practices

UNBSJ Track   - April 26 – May 31


The Saint John Track Club and Athletics NB are providing a series of coaching sessions to help Middle & High school athletes train in preparation for NBIAA & school competitions. The primary goal of this program is to offer more services to our area schools and provide the athletes with quality practice opportunities.


Athletes from schools who do not have formal coaching situations in place will now have access to some of the top coaches in our region as well as regular access to the world-class facilities and equipment at the UNBSJ Canada Games Stadium.


Coaching will be provided by SJTC and ANB coaches:

  • Bill MacMackin / James Murphy – Middle and Long distance
  • Sue Ellis / Chris Belof – Sprints, hurdles
  • Alex Holder - Jumps
  • Julia Loparco – Throws
  • Members of the UNBSJ Varsity Reds Track Team


School Coach Development – All school liaisons/coaches are required to work with the SJTC coaching team during practice times as a learning and development opportunity to strengthen your knowledge of track & field.


General Schedule - Starting April 26th - Monday, Wednesday & Thursday– 4:30-5:30


Not all events will be coached at every session based on the availability of the coaches. 


Schools are responsible for the following…

  • Register all athletes with NBIAA or school programs
  • Coaching at all competitions
  • Athletes / Schools are responsible for all transportation to UNBSJ if needed


We would prefer that a supervisor from the school oversees the students at these practices.

We reserve the right to decline to coach athletes who misbehave, are unfocused or come unprepared.


For Information contact:               Phone:            Email

Bill MacMackin                                                              647-4931

Alex Holder                                                                   644-9960    

Chris Belof                                                                   204-470-4502

Sue Ellis                                                                       609-0114