Atlantic Championships Results

The Atlantic Track and Field Championships were held recently in Charlottetown and it was very hot. Despite the conditions, many local athletes who train with the Saint John Track & Field Club performed extremely well. A regional championship is often a glorified New Brunswick- Nova Scotia affair but this meet featured the top clubs from Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland as well.


Coach Coffin took gold in the 50+ 5000 meters.

Alex Beach took fourth in the youth high jump and twelfth in the youth 200 meters.

Alexandre Banks took silver in the junior 1500 meters and fourth in the junior 800 meters.

Alexis Moffett took fifth in the youth 800 meters and eighth in the youth 1500 meters.

Ben King took sixth in youth 100 meters, ninth in the youth 200 meters and eleventh in the youth 400 meters.

Bruce Rosvall took gold in 50+ 100 meters, gold in the 50+ 200 meters, gold in the 50+ 800 meters, and silver in the 50+ 400 meters.

Calvin McDonald took gold in the 60+ javelin throw, silver in the 60+ shot put and silver in the 60+ discus throw.

Craig Thorne won gold in the youth 110 meter hurdles and silver in the 400 meter hurdles.

David Jefferson took gold in the 70+ shot put, gold in the 70+ hammer throw, gold in the 70+ discus throw, and silver in the 60+ javelin throw.

Emily Trites took fourth in the youth 1500 meters.

Erin Vringer won gold in the under 16 1200 meters.

Hannah Trites took fourth in the youth 800 meters. 

 Jason Beach took gold in the under 16 triple jump, silver in the under 16 long jump, and bronze in the under 16 200 meter hurdles.  

Jillian Beck took gold in youth javelin throw and silver in the youth shot put.

Julia Leblanc took bronze in the youth 100 meters.

Lily Coffin took gold in the junior 5000 meters.

Micah Landry took silver in the under 16 1200 meters and fifth in the under 16 2000 meters.

Monica Hitchcock took gold in 50+ shot put, 50+ javelin throw and 50+ discus throw.

Sharon Peabody took gold in 50+ high jump, gold in 50+ hammer throw, gold in 50+ javelin throw, and fifth in 50+ discus throw.


Coach Coffin was hearing some criticism as he was too busy cheering and not participating enough resulting in a drop to fifth place out of 22 teams for the Saint John Track and Field Team. Truro was barely ahead in points. Pictou County, ASEA (Moncton) and Halifast made up the top three clubs.


I was pretty quick to deflect any ill will towards Paul Gautier of Rothesay. While I am quick to recommend Paul’s services in regards to buying a new Subaru, he really let the club down at Atlantics. Of course, I am joking. We are all proud of the Rothesay Rocket Launcher (not to be confused with the Rothesay Rocket Bruce Rosvall). We all love winning regional awards but most of us aspire to compete nationally as well. Paul was busy on the same weekend winning five gold and one silver at the Ontario Masters Track and Field Championships. His gold medals covered all of the throw specialties and his silver came in the high jump with an ankle sprain. Paul is presently ranked third nationally in 50-54 javelin, third nationally in 50-54 discus, second nationally in 50-54 shot put, second nationally in 50-54 hammer throw, and first nationally in 50-54 weight throw.   

Congrats to all.

Alex Coffin