Middle & High School Cross Country Meet

Middle & High School Cross Country Meet

Organized by the Saint John High & Saint John Reds Track Club: September 21, 2021


Over 170 Middle and High School athletes from across NB came together to compete at the 15th Annual Invitational Cross Country Meet. It was held at the J.D. Irving Ltd Park in West Saint John and organized by the Saint John High Cross Country team, UNBSJ XC /Track Team, and the Saint John Track Club. Results from the events at www.anb.ca/results/. 10 local area middle schools and 8 high schools competed in the various races.


Race winners were:

Grade 6 Girls – Sylvie Green 3:48:37

Grade 6 Boys – Jacob Greeley 3:46:72

Grade 7 Girls – Madison Buchanan 3:58:04

Grade 7 Boys – Ryker Richard 3:46:00

Grade 8 Girls – Abby Mason 7:56:14

Grade 8 Boys – Orri Gionet 7:33:91


High School Jr Girls – Julianna LeMaire 11:30:23

High School Jr Boys – Zander Hill


High School Sr Girls – Erin Vringer 14:25:57

High School Sr Boys – Charlie Crowther 14:23:93