Winter - Indoor Season

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General Training Sessions (ages 11 and up)

Athletes over the age of 11 will have the opportunity to get together weekly for group training sessions in preparation for a number of winter indoor meets to be held in N.B. Sessions will focus on strength and fitness building. They will also provide a chance to consult with coaches about your training. Every session will include a proper warm up, running & fitness activities and a cool down. The club intends to assist athletes in attending competitions with an emphasis on participation and personal improvement. Indoor training and competitions will be used as a building phase leading up to the outdoor season.

Junior Development - (Ages 11 -13)

Similar to above but age appropriate for younger athletes who are new to the sport or moving up from Run Jump Throw. 

Run Jump Throw (ages 7 to 10)

Run, Jump, Throw teaches youth of all ages the basics of Track & Field events. It provides fun, practical instruction and skill-building in running events (Sprints, Distance Running, Starts, Hurdles & Relays), jumping events (High Jump, Long Jump & Triple Jump) and throwing events (Shot Put, Discus & Javelin).

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Information Sheet about our 2019 indoor program (updated Jan 3)

Training Session

Program Location Day Starting Times
All age Groups


UNB Saint John - Athletics Center Monday & Wednesday January 7th

5:00 pm


Junior Development

Quispamsis Middle School (TBC) Sunday  January 13 1:30 pm to 3 pm



Indoor Competitions and events

For up to date event dates, see ANB:

$80  season fee - Run Jump Throw - Age 10 and under
+  ANB Fee (annually)
$100  season fee - Athletes - Age 11+
+  ANB Fee (annually)

All Athletes in regular club programs

$150/ season fee
+ ANB Fee (annually)

Club High Performance

(Designated Athletes who are receiving personal coaching support)

Registration is be done at ONLINE Registration. All fees are due and payable to the Saint John Track Club at the second session attended. Payment of the ANB fees cover all 3 seasons including indoor track, outdoor track and cross country.